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New: We can now create the SCC file
required by Itunes !!!


Our captions/subroutines
meet FCC/Section 508 regs.


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Support for NLE systems.                      
We can now create an SCC file for FCP7!        
   The SCC file adds captions during “print to tape” to your BetaSP tape or DVDs.

          We can combine the SCC with your video file to create a CCed MPEG2-PS.  

   We are working on CCing HD video; creating HD MPEG-2 PS
   or Sony MXF 50 mbps MPEG.



We add closed-captions to the video you produce


Church & 30-minute Infomercials:  $150 for half-hour program.  (SD only)

Includes transcribing, tape, 2nd day Fedex shipping.

We transcribe it, format the text, and then create the CC master (normally BetaSP or DVcam or DVD).

Meets FCC captioning requirements.


New:  For FCP V7 users:

If you are connected to a BetaSP recorder; we supply a 'caption file'

you use when you 'print to tape'; all done via the Internet.

No additional hardware is required. Call for a test 'caption file'. Cost is $100.


New:  Can you submit your CCed video on DVD to your TV station?

If so, we can create a 'caption file' which adds CC to the DVD; all done via the Internet.

No additional hardware is required. Call for a test 'caption file'. Cost is $100.




TV AD Spots & Music Videos   (SD $100 - HD $150 (some formats))

Call for details.


Add Captions to streaming video on the web!

(Flash, WMV, QT, YouTube)




We caption streaming video for:

          GSA in DC, PA, CA; State of ME, State of MN, and the VA Baltimore Medical Center.

You put the video on your server and we create the companion captioning file(s) for the player.



Click here to play YouTube example with popon captions

                    Once video starts, click the CC button.


       Click here to play YouTube example with Spanish captions

                         Once video starts, click the CC button. This is an open caption example.


Click here to play Quicktime example with rollup captions

                    Once video starts, right-click on video, "show closed captioning" 

                       This type of captioning only works with QT.



Click here to play Flash Video (flv) with popon captions in new window.

(using our free Flash Player, click CC button -- once; captions over video, twice; captions below video)

Easy to install; put the files we supply in a single folder on your website

and add a link on your page. Player has unique features for viewing captions.


The XML-TimedText file we create is also used in CS3/CS4 and JW Flash Player


$4 per minute of video; client supplies video file and we create the "caption file".

Minimum of $15 per file. Includes transcribing.


College special: Cost is $3/minute of video. Minimum of $10 per file. Includes transcribing.

                            We recently completed a 70+ hour premed streaming project for a college in Maine.


Add Subtitles to DVDs using DVDStudioPro


Adding subtitles to a DVD you create in DVDStudioPro/Encore is not fun.  DVDStudioPro includes a subtitle editor but the process of using it is painfully slow.  The process: you create a subtitle block, set the in/out timecode points, check the sync, then move onto the next subtitle block. We just did the subtitling for a 20-minute DVD – it contained 316 subtitle blocks!


A better and more cost effective way is for you to FTP us your videos in mp4 (320/24), we create a STL subtitle file which you import onto the S1 subtitle track. You still have to make minor adjustments to some of the text blocks. You have the same options as if you had manually created the subtitles; font, font size, color, position, and timecode in/out points.



$4 per minute of video; client supplies mp4 and we create the STL file.

Minimum of $15 per file. Includes transcribing.


“VHS/DVD videos used in the Classroom”


This unique college/university service was designed to make existing VHS/DVD videos in your school’s library accessible to a deaf/hoh student. Client sends us a non-captioned VHS/DVD video and we return it unaltered plus an open-captioned DVD.


Cost is $3 per video minute which includes transcribing, videotape; add $15 for shipping. 

Thus, a 30-minute video is exactly $105 ($3 times 30 plus $15).


Our Customers


Costco (WA) *** Home Depot (GA) *** DuPont (DE) *** Los Alamos Nat'l Lab (NM) *** USPS (TN, IL, MA, ME) *** NY Bar Association (NY) *** Colonial Insurance (SC) *** Unum Insurance Company (ME) *** I-Car Tech Ctr (WI) *** Sanders/Lockheed (NH) *** US Dept Interior/BOR (ID) *** Albany Medical Center (NY) *** BAE Systems (NH) *** WNY Indep Living Project (NY) *** Homeland Security (DHS) *** US Mint *** CACI *** GSA *** State of NJ



University at Buffalo/Suny CAT/UB (NY) *** University of New Hampshire (NH) *** Bowdoin College (ME) *** University of Maine (ME) *** City College (NY) *** University of New Mexico (NM) *** Fitchburg State College (MA) *** SW Texas State University (TX) *** San Diego City College (CA) *** University of WI - Extension (WI) *** Dartmouth College (NH) *** Salish Kootenai College (MT) *** NYU (NY) *** Univ of Iowa *** Marin CC (CA) *** CAL State – San Marcos *** Temple Univ (PA) *** NE Univ (MA) *** Penn State (PA) *** UC Berkeley (CA) *** San Diego State (CA) *** CSU – Chico *** Univ of VT *** Marymount Univ (VA) *** MSU – Morehead (MN) *** College of the Holy Cross (MA) *** Renton Tech College (WA) *** American Univ (DC) *** Madonna Univ (MI) *** College of the Redwoods (CA) *** American Univ (DC) *** Endicott College (MA) *** GA State Univ (GA) *** Hartford CC (MD) *** Kenyon College (OH) *** Mt San Antonio College (CA) *** Pellissippi State (TN) *** Univ Akron (OH) *** Univ of NE (ME) *** Univ TN-Chattanooga (TN) *** Harvard Univ (MA)


Plus many small video production companies from Maine to California.



ClosedCaption Maker

1955 Kensington Street

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